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Surplus Freight

Surplus Freight


            Basically, surplus freight means furniture which is produced for sell

aboard countries but when they are cannot selling or have problem about transfer

this furniture are being surplus freight. Because this furniture are remain unsold.

From this point, it is quite normal that some question marks remain in our minds.

Generally, people and buyers are thinking about this furniture and items are really

original or imitation. Actually, there have a basically response. If a furniture or item

showing on surplus freight category, it means they are not imitation. It means, just

cannot selling items which is have problem about transfer or something.

            Some of the export surplus products may be defective, but there is no

problem in most of them. They are usually as high quality as the exported

products, but the exporting company does not want to store these products

and does not focus on retail. In this case, it is offered for sale

in a single item in the market under the name of export surplus.



High Point Market


            Only individuals over the age of 15 can enter such stores. Its main

and ultimate purpose is to trade only through barter. At the same time, in

stores with this concept often have furniture.

            If you understand the purpose of the store, we can start by talking

about the things that must be with you when you go to High Point Market.

The most preferred products can be listed as follows;charger,

sweater, jacket, a little-used shoe, phone carrier and table. With

such materials, you can make your job easier.

            At the same time, you can meet existing sellers and expand

your circle by choosing High Point Markets. In this context, you can be

in a position to make more comfortable trades. It is also very important to

follow the trends in High Point Markets. If your product choices are fresh, this will

definitely take you one step ahead. In this context, you can meet

many unique pieces. It is also quite possible and easy to find

pieces that are as beautiful and spiritual as you do not expect in High Point Markets.

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