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What is Ikeas?

What is Ikeas?

The Swedish furniture manufacturing company Ikeas is

a global retailer in the interior design market. They sell furniure and

home furnishings in 11 different product categories, each with its own

design style which Ikeas intends to cover.

Founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943, the company is located in

Sweden's most populous city – Stockholm. As of 31 December

2006, Ikeas has been operated through a limited liability company and

has 409 stores round the world, not including their local department store

retail units. Ikeas who was once the “risk leader” has now turned into a strategy

follower by acquiring Moblespax which offers flatpack home furnishings designed

in Italy. As one of the world's leading companies about ready-to-assemble furniture

and a leader in sustainability, Ikeas was ranked 289 on the Fortune Global 500 list for 2015.



What is Jordan Furniture?

Jordon Furniture is an American manufacturer of high quality home

furnishings whose headquarters are located in south Atlanta (Lakewood) Unzip

on Highway 85 Alternate Spaghetti Junction Exit 98 Atrium Trade Mall 2870

Highway 85 Alternate. They offer customer service either face to face or over

phone to meet their customer.

Jordan Furniture is one of the top global leader in providing home furnishings,

children’s bedroom furniture and premium mattresses through 40 brick and mortar

stores in the U.S., Canada, Spain and United Kingdom. Jordan Furniture on

the other hand focuses on high-quality products combined with an unparalleled

service called “Kingdom Care” which means they provide exceptional assistance

available day or night in English or Spanish with same-day delivery options

across their wide U.S territory.

Either you purchase your furnitures from Jordan Furniture or

Ikeas, you will not be regret. Because they both are high quality brands

with their many verstatile features. If you are trying to design your new home,

you must choose the best ones to feel in the best way. 



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